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Racing Towards a Cure

Raised $15,496.10


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Amazing fundraisers held in Northern NSW in honour of local #NPCwarrior Tommy.

Tommy, NP-C, 5 years old

In a heartwarming display of community support and determination, there were two incredible fundraisers to raise funds and awareness for Niemann-Pick type C (NPC) disease. The events brought together passionate individuals who were committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by this rare genetic disorder. Among the standout efforts were the Dunga Derby group's successful fundraising evening at the Tabulam Racecourse and the Tabulam Race Day, where the local race club rallied behind the cause. Let's dive into the details of this inspiring event.

Dunga Derby's Remarkable Contribution:

We couldn't help but be amazed by the astounding success of the Dunga Derby group's fundraising evening. Their unwavering dedication and strong sense of community led them to raise a significant amount of money solely within their group. The generosity displayed by the Dunga Derby participants demonstrated the power of unity, as they banded together to support the Australian NPC Disease Foundation. Their efforts not only brought in substantial funds of $12,250.50, but also created a ripple effect, inspiring others to contribute to this worthy cause.

Tabulam Race Day's Support:

The Tabulam Race Club, recognizing the importance of supporting the Australian NPC Disease Foundation, graciously offered their assistance during the Tabulam Race Day. Despite the scorching heat, the club's members and volunteers rallied behind the cause, raising an incredible $3,245.60. One standout individual, Colleen McQueen, went above and beyond, dedicating the entire day to running around and selling raffle tickets. Her relentless efforts were truly commendable and played a significant role in the success of the event.

Jockey Contributions:

The solidarity displayed by the racing community was evident through the heartwarming gestures of the jockeys. They gifted Tommy, a brave individual battling NPC disease, with a pair of race goggles and signed jockey pants, also known as silks. These sentimental tokens symbolized the jockeys' support and encouragement for Tom's journey and reflected the unity that exists within the racing fraternity. Such acts of kindness not only touched the hearts of those present but also serve as a reminder of the incredible impact that can be made when individuals from different walks of life come together for a common cause.

The fundraisers for the Australian NPC Disease Foundation were a resounding success, thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of the Dunga Derby group, the Tabulam Race Club, and the racing community as a whole. The event showcased the power of collective action, as individuals from various backgrounds and organizations united to make a difference in the lives of those affected by NPC disease. The funds raised will undoubtedly contribute to vital research, patient support, and increased awareness of this rare genetic disorder.


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