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2023 Committee Elected

Following a very productive Annual General Meeting, we welcome our new and returning committee members!

Just one week prior to our major fundraising event in Melbourne, the Australian NPC Disease Foundation (ANPDF) team held our Annual General Meeting virtually via Zoom.

After in-depth discussion of future projects for 2023/24 and recommitting to our goals of raising awareness, supporting families, and funding research for better treatments, the following committee team was elected;

Executive Committee members:
  • Mandy Whitechurch, President & Founder

  • Pip Johnston, Vice-President

  • Mary Calcagno, Treasurer

  • Deanna Carpino, Board Secretary

  • Andrew Carpino, Public Officer

General Committee members:
  • Marian Shoebridge

  • Milva Carpino

  • Ruth Gott

  • Sarah Mercuri

  • Vince Demarte

  • Elisa Calcagno

  • Carly Heath

  • Emily Staska

Scientific Advisory Board members:
  • Ya Hui Hung, Chair

  • Ashley Bush

  • Caroline Hastings

  • Felicity Munro

  • Joy Lee

  • Mark Walterfang

  • Pip Johnston

  • Tina Soulis

  • Ellie Van Velsen

If you wish to #jointhefight for a cure of NP-C, find out How to Help today or subscribe to stay up to date with future opportunities.

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