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Sugar Free-Zies day

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Raised $344.75+


Date/Time: November 26, 2021

Location: Tullamarine Swim School

Organiser: Sarah Mercuri

Supported by: The No Nasties Project

Joining the sugar-free movement for a good cause, was our local Swim School in Tullamarine.

Prioritising the health, social, educational and recreational needs of Australian children is top of the agenda at The No Nasties Project. Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day is a day where everyone is a champion and where fun, laughs and spectacular times are the order of the day. Sugar FREE-zies are the perfect choice for summer and kids love them! They contain ZERO sugar, ZERO preservatives and NOTHING artificial and they are Australian Made.

Find out more here: The No Nasties Project


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