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Dancing is BACK ON at the 2022 NPC Charity Gala

The rollercoaster continues, so please join us for the up-swing with only 9 days until the 2022 NPC Charity Gala!

Yes, it's true. We have been given the green light to open our indoor dancefloor. So pack away your "I can only wear these if I'm sitting down the whole night" shoes, and get ready!

Density limits in hospitality venues have been scrapped, people will no longer need to check in at supermarkets and retail venues, and dancefloors are back. From

Stay tuned for a full update on all COVID restrictions by Tuesday, 22 February 2022.

For any queries or concerns on how the ANPDF and Alive Events are planning towards a COVIDsafe event, please contact Deanna on 0420 985 510 or

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