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10 Sugar-Free Recipes for Christmas Treats

Join the sweet side of holiday cheer with these recipes!

Some of our NPC Warriors are able to take a treatment to help delay the onset of symptoms caused by Niemann-Pick type C. However, to manage the digestive side affects caused by this medicine, they maintain a diet that restricts their intake of disaccharides (double sugars) including sucrose, lactose, and maltose.

Thanks to new sugar-free brands emerging in Australia, low-disaccharide snacks are becoming more readily available. Yet, if you are looking for some home-made fun, here are some of our favourite sugar-free recipes for Christmas;

  1. Festive chocolate truffles (via Noshu)

  2. Blueberry Pancakes (via Brit+Co)

  3. Choc-dipped tropical fruit (via Women's Weekly Food)

  4. Holiday Cut-Out Cookies (via Splenda)

  5. Mini Mince Pies (via Splenda)

  6. Avocado Chocolate Mousse (via Feel Good Foodie)

  7. Christmas Linzer biscuits (via Noshu)

  8. Gingerbread Cookies (via Ditch the Carbs)

  9. Chocolate peanut butter swirl fudge (via Noshu)

  10. Rhubarb and almond muffins (via Delicious)

Leave a comment below with your thoughts or any favourite recipes that should have made the list!


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