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Current Research Projects

in the Oxidation Biology Unit at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health (Melbourne, Australia) led by Dr. Ya Hui Hung and Professor Ashley Bush

The Australian NP-C Disease Foundation supports and funds Australian research that advances our understanding of the complexity of NP-C disease and towards finding a therapeutic intervention to delay or halt the disease.


Investigation of the role of metals in NP-C disease pathogenesis

March 2014

Hung, Y. H., N. G. Faux, D. W. Killilea, N. Yanjanin, S. Firnkes, I. Volitakis, G. Ganio, M. Walterfang, C. Hastings, F. D. Porter, D. S. Ory and A. I. Bush (2014). "Altered transition metal homeostasis in Niemann-Pick disease, type C1." Metallomics 6(3): 542-553.

Understanding the carrier risk for delayed NP-C disease

March 2016

Hung, Y. H., M. Walterfang, L. Churilov, L. Bray, L. H. Jacobson, K. J. Barnham, N. C. Jones, T. J. O'Brien, D. Velakoulis and A. I. Bush (2016). "Neurological Dysfunction in Early Maturity of a Model for Niemann-Pick C1 Carrier Status." Neurotherapeutics 13(3): 614-622.

Development of metal-targeting therapy for NP-C

In Progress

In Progress

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