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October 2021


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Looking for a fun way to fire up some donations for our Aussie NPC families and research?

How it works

Help us raise donations directly by putting this bingo board on your Instagram story supporting research for a cure of Niemann-Pick C.

1. Download the story graphics from this page. 

  • Click on each graphic to download them to your phone.

2. Share the graphics to your Instagram Story in order.

  • After sharing the 1st graphic, you will want to share the 2nd graphic (bingo board);

    • Above / under the text, you'll want to go to the sticker button (located at the top once you select an image to add to your story) and add a poll.

    • Add the question, "Will you donate?" and adjust "YES | NO" options to read "$2 | $5" - you can update the options to whichever squares need to be filled.

  • Share the the 3rd and 4th graphic!

3. Follow-up with your donations

  • An excellent way to ensure you get the donations from those who voted on your poll is to direct message them, thank them for their interest, and ask them how much they wish to donate.

4. Update your bingo board

  • When they confirm their donation, update your story by sharing the 2nd graphic with their Instagram username over their amount!